Rail Rush – #10 Zombie Caves (Worlds version) (Track Guide)

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Rail Rush – #10 Zombie Caves (Worlds version) (Track Guide)

This is a video of the Zombie Caves map in the Worlds version of Miniclip’s endless runner, “Rail Rush”. The game itself is a thrilling mix of Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride and Subway Surfers, but this is particularly one of the game’s hardest maps, as you can see.

Here’s my dramatic premise for this map: “Besides the Old Mines, there is yet another cave, but it is no ordinary one! It’s infested with the undead and skeletal horrors, but at the same time, there is treasure! Only the bravest can hit the paydirt here.”

If you are playing this video on PCs, be sure to turn on annotations so that you can see all the hazards and sections to expect in this world. Hazards marked with L/R appear on the left or right tracks, while hazards marked with C appear on the central track. Hazards with an asterisk can appear in more than one section.

If you would like to learn more about how to access this level in Rail Rush, or how to survive its unique hazards, you may wish to download and read my special strategy guide app for this game on Android. Get it at ” “. Or, if you don’t have Android, check out Zombie Cave’s article from the newly revamped Rail Rush Wiki at ” “.

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