Rail Rush – #1 Old Mines (Track Guide – All Zones and Shortcuts)

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Rail Rush – #1 Old Mines (Track Guide – All Zones and Shortcuts)

This is a video of the Old Mines map in the Worlds (web browser) version of Miniclip’s endless runner, “Rail Rush”. The game itself is a thrilling mix of Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride and Subway Surfers.

The goal of the game is to ride a minecart through an endless course, trying to collect as many nuggets as possible and traveling as far as possible until you get into an accident.

Here’s my dramatic premise for this map: “Hidden within the deepest ends of the earth are huge, uncharted caverns, where treasure, secrets and adventure await. Of course, the fastest way to travel into this mysterious world underneath the earth and discover everything there is through an endless network of minecart tracks.”

This video will go over all the possible places you can visit while playing in the Old Mines. By a huge stroke of luck, however, this video will also show all three types of shortcuts you can find in this world. (Two of them didn’t exist in earlier versions of the game.) If you are playing this video on PCs, turn on annotations so that you’ll understand all the sections and shortcuts better!

The newly revamped Rail Rush Wiki has a more detailed article about the Old Mines at ” “, which is also where you can learn more about this game!

If you have an Android device, you can learn how to be a Rail Rush master by downloading and reading STALWARTPHOENIX’s special strategy guide app for this game on Android. Get it at ” “.

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